Caregiving Changes are in the Air!

The face of caregiving in NE Wisconsin is undergoing some big changes this summer.   The impgame cubeslementation of Family Care is moving case management and funding from the counties to Managed Care Organizations (MCO).  This move has created a flurry of activity as adults currently being served through county waiver programs are interviewed through the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC), select a MCO, and get re-assessed for specific services.  Others are choosing IRIS – a self-directed program that essentially allows an individual to be his or her own case manager and care-worker employer.

County Case Managers are finding new positions within the MCOs, ADRCs and IRIS.  (How’s that for a little alphabet soup?)  All the new acronyms are confusing enough, but the choices for the person needing care can seem somewhat overwhelming.  It’s good to see so many of the county Case Managers landing jobs in the new system.  Familiar faces will help to ease the transition for concerned clients.

The first task of the counties, MCOs and IRIS is to transition existing clients to Family Care/IRIS.  October 1, 2015 is the target date for having everyone interviewed, re-assessed and authorized for services.  At that time, the county ADRCs will begin addressing the list of those waiting to receive services.   The goal is to eliminate the waiting lists and get services to those in need in a more timely manner.

Hopefully, the transition will go smoothly and clients will see little, if any, disruption to their services.  While some people may see an increase in services provided and others a decrease, there will be an effort to be sure everyone is getting the amount of assistance they truly need.